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Reversible textile coloring

We provide a sustainable alternative to current dyeing methods for cellulose-based textiles that allows coloring and decoloring garments at will, while maintaining the properties of the pristine fibers. Said functionality opens up for many possibilities and improvements in dyeing and recycling processes, ultimately contributing to the industry’s shift towards circularity.

The benefits

Resource efficiency

Around 30% of the substances used in textile manufacturing pose a risk to human health, 10% of which are functional chemicals such as dyes. By avoiding such toxic chemicals and facilitating wastewater treatment, we will reduce exposure to substances that could potentially lead to allergies, developmental defects or cancer. Our philosophy is “safe by design”.

Recycling methods require pre-sorting used garments by colors and/or stripping the dyes using aggressive chemicals that damage the fibers. By implementing our technology in their respective production lines and return systems, clothing retailers will be able to reuse more old textiles and include higher percentages of recycled cotton fibers in their products, since the properties of the material will be better preserved.

Recycling & Reuse


Since we are encouraging the fashion industry to use higher percentages of restored garments and recycled fibers, we will be lowering the demand for new cotton. >8000L of water are spent to grow 1kg of cotton. We will contribute to lowering this excessive water expenditure, as well as the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other non-renewable resources used in industrial agriculture.

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