We give clothes

a second chance


Vividye colors, decolors and recolors textiles again and again.

At Vividye, we have developed a resource-efficient printing technology that can be used to apply all sorts of colors and designs to textiles. Unlike other methods used in the industry today, our technology is designed to facilitate the removal of the applied color when it is no longer wanted without harming the material. In other words, it makes it possible to decolor and recolor old textiles, giving them a new life.


How it all began

Two surface chemists at Chalmers University of Technology, Romain Bordes and Anna-Karin Hellström, first came up with a concept that was meant to provide a solution to the color-related inefficiencies the textile industry faces when trying to reuse and recycle garments. Since then, they have been developing the reversible printing technology that is now ready to be implemented in suitable small and large-scale circular business models.

The Team

Technology Advisor

Applied Surface Chemistry

Anna-Karin Hellström

Technology Developer

Applied Surface Chemistry

Romain Bordes

Business Developer

Industrial Technology

Eric Henriksson Martí

Business Developer 

Logistics and Economics

Johanna Nissén Karlsson

Business Developer Strategy and Management

Gustav Larsson-Utas


June 25, 2020


Regional winners of SKAPA-Priset 2020

We have been selected as one of the winners of SKAPA-Priset in the Västra Götalands region, and will now be proceeding to the Swedish final.


Vera Sandbergs Allé 8

411 33 Gothenburg, Sweden

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