We give clothes

a second chance,

and a third,

a fourth,

a fifth...

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We buy 60% more clothes now than in the year 2000, but we only use them for half as long.

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It takes around 2,700 litres of water to make one single cotton t-shirt.

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10% of clothes are discarded by consumers

due to colour related issues.

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Less than 20% of clothes are reused or recycled after being discarded.

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Removing old colour is one of the main obstacles in textile recycling processes.

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It's time to make a difference.


Vividye colours, decolours, and recolours textiles again and again.

We have developed a printing technology that can be used to apply all kinds of colours and designs to textiles. Unlike other methods, our technology is designed to facilitate the removal of the applied colour when it is no longer wanted without harming the material. In other words, we make it possible to colour, decolour and recolour textiles again and again.


Our story

Two chemists at Chalmers University of Technology first came up with a concept that was meant to provide a solution to the colour-related inefficiencies the textile industry faces when trying to reuse and recycle garments. The reversible printing technology that resulted from four years of development is now the cornerstone of Vividye, and is now ready to be implemented in a variety of circular business models.

The Team

Johanna Nissén Karlsson

Chief Executive Officer

Logistics and Economics


+46 (0) 738 455 006

Gustav Larsson-Utas

Chief Operating Officer

Strategy and Management


+46 (0) 709 480 020

Eric Henriksson Martí

Chief Technology Officer

Industrial Engineering


+34 618 777 779

Romain Bordes

Technology Developer

Applied Surface Chemistry

Matilda Lilja

Business Developer

Textile Product Development


December 14, 2020

Joining Chalmers Ventures' Accelerator program

We are now proceeding into Chalmers Ventures' accelerator program. By taking our partnership one step further, we will be ensuring that Vividye continues to grow in the right direction throughout the upcoming year.


Thank you for your interest!

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